A starter for 10….

After a few months of relative inactivity, we are finally back and doing what we love doing, drinking whisky.

This all started about 12 months ago whilst sampling some of the fine ales and whisky’s on offer in Bennet’s of Morningside. Discussions began about what if we had our own society? Sampling different whisky and sharing our thoughts for everyone to read? How good could this be? Could this be an excuse to buy more whisky?

As the months went on the discussion increased and we started talking about tastings, events and getting more people involved. Until one drunken night, when promises were made about building websites and finally doing something instead of drunken ramblings. The following day, we had a facebook page, a twitter account and a shell of a website (which will appear eventually).

And so the EH10 Whisky Society began.

For the first few months we did enough to keep things interesting, a few local whisky festival and plenty of tastings. Then holidays and weddings got in the way and for the next few months everything fell by the way side, apart from the drinking.

Finally, we’re back and doing what we enjoy most.

Over the past few weeks we’ve attended a few tasting at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) and posted what thoughts and photos we could. Unfortunately live tweets limit what you can say and updating facebook/twitter after a reasonable quantity of cask strength single malt slowly grinds to a halt.

So here we are, a fresh start.

More regular updates and information can be found on our twitter(@eh10whisky) and facebook.


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