Balblair 97 2nd Release

Distillery: Balblair
District: Highland

Bottler: Distillery
Cask: Ex-bourbon
Age: No age statement
Strength: 46.0% Vol.

Colour: Whisky

Nose: Citrusy sharpness, like lemon tart. Underlying sweetness with hints of vanilla.

Taste: A bit of a slow starter, then there is floods of flavour on the palate. A pleasant sweetness reminiscent of 80’s chewy sweets with a hint of marzipan. More vanilla, but now creamier, and gently infused with the oak. Goes very well with seafood.

Finish: Disappointingly short for something with so much flavour. A little spice and vanilla notes but it just disappears so quickly.

We first tried this back on Hogmanay 2013 and both of us weren’t fans. This was after a wedding on the 30th were we had both drank a gallon of whisky.

The next time we tasted it we couldn’t believe how different it was and how much we both liked it.

Rating: 2 Bottles

Tasted on 27/02/15 by The Management


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