Bruichladdich Waves

Distillery: Bruichladdich
District: Islay
Bottler: Distillery
Age: 7 Years Old
Strength: 46 % Vol.

Purchased this bottle back in 2009 and it’s been lurking at the back of the cabinet, so it’s be a while since the bottle has seen the light of day.

Colour: Whisky

Nose: Slight peatiness with a backdrop hint of the sea salt

Palate: Initial hit of peat that fades away quickly then replaced by short sharp wave of hot spices

Finish: Medium length, warms the palette but your just left with numbness

Verdict: I can see why this bottle has been gathering dust, it’s not the must complex whisky to be produced and I’ll be quiet happy for it to go back in the cabinet. The bottle was  phased out in 2012 and I reckon it has not be missed.

Rating: Try a Dram

Tasted on 18/03/15 by David


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