SMWS 46.26 – Killer Bee Surf Wax

Distillery: Ask and we shall tell
District: Speyside

Bottler: Scotch Malt Whisky Society
Cask: Re-fill ex-bourbon hogshead
Age: 21 Years Old
Strength: 54.4% Vol.

Colour: Whisky

Nose: Slightly acidic, paint-thinner like initial burst, followed by big vanilla and caramel notes.  With barley sugar by the bucket load.

Taste: There’s a slight saltiness & spice that attacks the front of the tongue. This is replaced by an incredible fruity sweetness, with strong vanilla notes, that you’d expect from a re-fill bourbon cask. After a taste it’s almost like waxy coating to the mouth that just enhances the flavour.

Finish: Everything and more that you’d expect from a 21 year old, ex-bourbon cask Speyside whisky. Highland toffee and fudge with summer fruits exploding on the tongue. An incredible sweetness, but in an incredible way.

Stuart says:

My year in whisky 2014 can be broken down to 4 bottle, all from SMWS:

Katherine Hepburn in a Vintage Jaguar
Slippery Shape Shifter
Glamping in a Yurt
Killer Bee Surf Wax

Four incredible whiskies and very difficult to single one out as the most favoured. Up until November it had been Glamping in a Yurt and then I tasted, by chance Killer Bee Surf Wax and instantly bought a bottle. Just a superb whisky and one that I’m not looking to finishing as there’s no-more left to buy.

David says:

It’s alright, I think the Balblair 97 is a better dram though.

Rating: 2 Bottles

Tasted on 27/02/15 by The Management


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