About EH10WS

eh10-logo-largeThe EH10 Whisky Society was the brain child of Stuart and David, both Edinburgh residents (at the time it all began), both members of the Scotch Malt Whisk Society and both very much into uisge beatha, the water of life.

Having spent months discussing all things whisky and how good it would be if we started our own society, we finally kicked things off in April 2014, giving ourselves the best excuse to attend tasting and festivals all in the name of the society, with the idea of sharing our findings with the world.

Although the name suggests it, we are not just about whisky and not just for whisky drinkers. This is something for everyone who like to get together enjoys good food, good beer, good wine, good gin, good whisky, good bourbon, et al (we draw the line at vodka) and talk about it.

Whilst we want to add a little seriousness to what we do, the most important things is fun and doing what we enjoy with liked minded people.


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