Our Rating System

Reviews will be a large part of the site, to hopefully help people discover things they might not normally have gone for.

For our reviews we use a simple (but effective) rating system:

Sold Out – You’ve tasted a whisky and by god it’s the best thing you’ve ever tasted and you have to share with the world, that is after you’ve gone out and bought as many bottle as your bank balance will allow. Make sure you save some to share with us!

2 bottles – The kind of whisky you run out and buy 2 bottles, one for display purposes one hidden to enjoy a sneaky wee dram when others think you’re on the pan.

1 bottles – you’re going to buy it, you’re going to drink it and by god you’re going to love every dram of it.

Try a dram – this is a pub dram! You wouldn’t buy a bottle for yourself, but you’d happily buy a dram in a fine drinking establishment or gladly accept a bottle as a gift.

Rather drink Bells – basically it’s dirty dish water that your auntie brings out once a year thinking it’s the good stuff, but we know better, don’t we!


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