Be3rcastThis is a side project that I (Stuart) am involved with.

It all began one Friday in the Hanging Bat (the Bat) on Lothian Road, 3 (John, Kate and I) of us left the office and headed for some much needed refreshment. Each of us bought a round, a different beer each time, from the amazing selection the Bat serves up every day.

So rather than spend the evening getting very very drunk, we had 3 beers then headed our separate ways.

A few days later whilst talking about it we agreed that it was very pleasant to have a bit of chat, a few beers and not have the hangover form hell the following morning. And then, John had the light bulb moment, why not do a podcast based around that idea.

After a few months of talking and little activity, we finally decided it was time to start doing things. So a bit more chat happened and once again John with the light bulb moment…

John: “How about Be3rcast?”
Stuart: “Is it already taken?”
John: “Nope”
Stuart: “Awesome”

And at that moment Be3rcast was born

It’s quite a simple really:

2 guys, 3 beers and not a clue between us.

So if you like beer and want to find something new to try why not pop across and have a listen:






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